Telephone 01592 203993

Information and Advice Service

  • Tuesday 9:30 am to 12:30 am
  • Wednesday 1:00 pm to 4 pm

As a registered Scottish charity, Disabilities Fife is run by disabled people for disabled people. We work to improve access to services and equality of opportunity for all disabled people in Fife.

The information and advice service is provided through a telephone helpline (01592 203993), website (, Facebook page and helping personal callers to our office. The issues raised by Fife’s disabled people include where to access resources and information within Fife Council and other statutory organisations such as NHS Fife. Specific concerns raised by individual disabled people relate to adaptations to housing, public transport and the Blue Badge Scheme of parking concessions, physical access to buildings, and health and sensory impairment.

The Information and Advice Service ensures that Fife’s disabled people have easy access to different ways of accessing support and advice to enable them to have improved access to services. It helps them to be better able to know more about the services, available from Fife Council, NHS Fife, Police Scotland and other public and private organisations, which can meet their particular needs and, more importantly, where to access them. In addition, the Information and Advice Service enables Disabilities Fife to act as intermediaries to provide direct support to those of Fife’s disabled people who do not have the confidence to deal with the statutory organisations themselves.

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