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Tipping a kettle may be easy for the able but for the elderly or disabled this might be difficult.  To help, there are kettle holders that tip or much safer kettles that tip or static water heaters.



or type into Google…

Kettles for the Disabled


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The image below of the train on Railway lines is from Facebook and is courtesy of the Courier.  It is a Facebook link to the story about the end of the £1 Concessionary Rail Fare in Fife.   Please click on the image to look at the story at the Courier.  For the second story there is a Happy Easter Image below. That will take you to the Facebook story.  Both stories are being displayed from a Physical Facebook page and doesn’t exist here as text or images until we update later in the month.

Disabilities Fife

1 year 9 months ago

Concessionary Travel £1 Fife Rail Fare may be axed

See full story here...

Disabilities Fife

The news has been met with disappointment from Disabilities Fife.

Charles Litster, chairman, said: “It was a very handy means of people getting from A to B.

“People going from Inverkeithing to Dundee would be able to travel for a £1, get off at Cupar and get the bus into Dundee and this would stop that completely.

“It gave people a lot of freedom and they could get out and about on mini days out. This is a sad reflection on our times.”

Fife Conservative group leader Councillor Dave Dempsey said: “The rail concession saving was in the list of options for the budget decided on the 11th of this month.

“The SNP/Lab administration didn’t touch it so it’ll be interesting to see what line they take on Thursday.

“The coalition’s insistence on rigid, centrally controlled budgeting (in contrast to our decentralised, commissioning approach) means that, three weeks after budget day, they have to cut something to pay for something else.

“We need a short time to work through the proposal and decide whether the something else is worth it.”

Disabilities Fife

1 year 9 months ago

Wishing all our readers a Happy Easter and a reminder about the Equalities Survey organised by Fife Centre for Equalities. Today is the very last day to enter any information.

The key questions in the survey are:-

To be clear these are comments and suggestions for future outcomes (Not how well the Council has performed)

1) Do you agree with Outcome One: Fife’s communities are able to access information and services and participate in decision-making?

2) Do you agree with Outcome Two: Women and girls live free from all forms of violence and abuse – and the attitudes that help perpetuate it?

3) Do you agree with Outcome Three: The Council will work in partnership to lead improvements in equality, diversity and human rights?

4) Do you agree with Outcome Four: The Council understands its workforce better, and it reflects the local population?

5) Do you agree with Outcome Five: Raising educational achievement and attainment particularly for those in their early years or in early learning and childcare?

6) Are there any other Equality Outcomes you would like to suggest?




Any problems with the questions please contact:

Charles Litster (DF) 01592 203993

Nina Munday (FCfE) 0131 376 2910

Zahida Ramzan (Fife Council) via email...

1. You will need to scroll down to get to the survey as there is a lot of text prior to it.

2. You will find that the Fife Council and FCfE logos are difficult to see, but this is an official FCfE Survey

3. The text for some people in the note and some parts of the form is too small for some people to read.

4. If that is the case please phone the people above to seek help


The accessible voice link is hard to find on the survey. Three small dots and a complex process/procedure will give anyone a challenge. Especially, as it is not labelled and there are no instructions provided to anyone completing the form to say this facility exists. The trainer says that the system is a bit awkward to use. Again if you have any issues please contact the people above.

How to link to the survey

Simply click here


A. All Questions are Optional

B. You can skip a set of questions - just use the next button

C. Don’t, but you can do the survey more than once

D. Don’t, but a blank survey is also allowed

Disabilities Fife

1 year 10 months ago

Come and meetup online for our Social Monthly Meet.

The 4th Monday of most months. That is 2 pm on 22nd March 2021. For joining instruction email

Disabilities Fife

1 year 10 months ago

Please consider filling out this questionnaire for Lochore Meadows.

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